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About Us

Our Story

Teresa Aufiero was born in the ancient Greco-Roman town of Tufo, Italy, surrounded by the majestic Apennine Mountains of Campania... a land blessed with natural mineral springs, crater lakes and volcanoes.

Later Teresa along with her family moved to the nearby city of Naples, close to the Internationally famous Resorts, Spas of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and the volcanic island of Ischia located in the Gulf of Naples... places renowned for their beauty and thermal therapeutic waters... places that have drawn health conscious visitors since Roman times.

Teresa knew that centuries of bathers could not be wrong. It was there that Teresa gained a personal, profound understanding of Mediterranean Spa Treatments, their purifying and therapeutic benefits -- knowledge that she has shared with her children. In 1996, Teresa designed and created the Back & Body Wash Band. She was granted a U.S. Patent for her wash cloth.

Inspired to impart the heart and soul of Italy’s "Benessere," the art of creating and promoting whole body wellness that Back & Body Wash Band was born.

It is Teresa along with her family’s desire that you will pamper and empower every daily shower to promote a wealth of good health... Benessere!!!