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spa exfoliating sash

Would you like to receive the Back & Body Wash Band without paying a cent for shipping? Just add at least $50 worth of products to your shopping cart today to avail of this free shipping deal. 

This deal is on top of a $10 discount on the regular price of the Back & Body Wash Band (now on sale for only $24.99).

If you order a pair of the Back & Body Wash Band, you have already qualified for free shipping. You can have two at home or you can give the other one as a gift to a loved one. Our Back & Body Wash Band comes in a crafty box packaging that is perfect for giving and each box comes with a free bar of organic handmade soap.

Or you can order one Back & Body Wash Band and add any of our organic handmade soaps to your cart. These soaps are perfect for placing inside the sash's "soap saver" pocket, so you can scrub your back and hard to reach areas while lathering your skin with 100% organic soap.

And with the wooden (birch) balls in the sash, you'd soon have that feeling of being massaged. Your regular shower can become a spa treatment by using the Back & Body Wash Band and in the comfort of your own bathroom or shower stall.

Order your Back & Body Wash Band today and take advantage of our shipping deal.